Our students have joined the senior stage of their OESC journey.  They now get to join in with the senior assembly on Friday and are encouraged to become more independent, whilst still being supported by our amazing, experienced class team.

Lucy Nixon - Class Teacher

Betina Lee Dennis - Specialist Teacher (Mondays)

Cath Becker - Education Assistant

Tanya Evans - Education Assistant

Virginia Crawford - Education Assistant

Kim Neil - Education Assistant

In ESC3 we focus on developing students English and Maths skills as a priority, and we use weekly cooking and fortnightly excursions to the IGA to ensure we have a functional approach to developing important life skills.  Independence in managing personal hygiene is encouraged with daily hygiene activities including teeth brushing, face washing, hair brushing and using deodorant.  Students show such pride returning to class looking neat and tidy and ready to return to a full afternoon of class activities.

Friendships are developing and students are learning to share, say kind words to their friends and learn important play skills which can lead to improved relationships with peers as they travel to the next stage of their school life.