Everday is a new opportunity to enrich the lives of our students.

ESC 4 is located in Room 32, opposite the tarantula play area.  We have an accessible classroom with plenty of space for students to learn independently and as a group.

Our Staff:

Holly Hurrell - Classroom Teacher

Betina Lee Dennis - (Tuesday)

Nola Harris - Education Assistant

Lina O'Dwyer - Education Assistant

Kat Simons - Education Assistant

ESC4 is where classroom learning meets the real world.  We offer students relevant programs to equip them with independent living skills and, to broaden their abilities.  Learning is hands-on with differentiations made to the curriculum to meet the needs of our students.   Our program includes:  Literacy, Numeracy, Design and Technologies, Art, Movement Skills, Cooking, Community Access, Science, HASS and Social Groups.  ESC4 has the oldest students attending OESC, our class has 7 students; all students are verbal communicators and do not have mobility restrictions.  We thrive on structure and routine to make the most of our learning time.  We enjoy a good laugh and praise each other for our efforts.

We believe all children deserve a chance to live a full life and, it is our privilege to inspire and challenge our students to reach their potential.  We look forward to growing as individuals and as a community of learners in 2020.